Vacuum Packing

1. Rates

Minimum Rs. 30 per pouch of size 20cmX23cm and 2.5cm thick. Anything over and above would be charged depending on pouch size .

2. Can I take my Indian bread (Like Rotis / Theplas / Parathas) along?

Yes, Products like Roti, Parathas, Stuff Paratha, Puranpolis etc. are Vacuum Packed. This can help us to retain products mentioned well for almost 4 months if kept below 0oC.

3. What is Vacuum Packing?

Atmospheric air containing Moisture and Oxygen leads to spoilage of the product. So air from the Co Polymer Pouch pack is evacuated. Also Co Polymer Pouches do not allow (permeate) moisture and Oxygen from outside to get in.

4. What care should I take during the transit?

If the journey time is longer than 12 hours, we advise you to keep the packs in the deep freezer for 48 hours prior to you journey. Or else it will require at least freezing for 24 hours before the journey.

5. How do I rehydrate Vacuum packed products?

Vacuum Packed products are not generally dehydrated, so there is no need to rehydrate them. You just need take out the pouches from the freezer, allow it thaw to room temperature before opening the pack. Warm the product according to your need after opening the pack.

6. How much product can I pack in 1 Packet?

We advise single serving to be vacuum Packed in each pack. Once opened, the products are highly susceptible to fast spoilage.

7. When can I get my products Vacuum Packed?

  • Vacuum packing of 15-20 packs can be done almost within an hour of you bringing in with prior appointment between 3 pm – 5.30 pm. One can wait and collect the same.
  • Stuffed Indian Breads – needs partial dehydration as stuffing inside has large amount of moisture leading to growth of FUNGUS from inside of the packet. Since time to partially dehydrate will depend on the way products are made, it is necessary to inform us about such products, while taking an appointment.

8. What other products can be Vacuum Packed?

Our experience shows that if you have fried snacks OR dry fruits with high oil content, can last for almost 2 years without getting rancid in such vacuum packs. Also People have tried in Past vacuuming clothes and other fluffy items to reduce their baggage space.