Tech Know consultants, our sister concern, has in house developed A Dehydration Process which works at room temperature an Ambient conditions –which means absence of Vacuum as well. This particular process conditions leads to a product which have the following benefits:

  • Retains Flavours, Colours, Taste and Micro Nutrients (Certified by Doctors of Southampton Medical College, U.K.)
  • Reduction in weight by almost 70 % Minimum.
  • No external preservatives or chemicals of any kind is required.
  • If stored under suggested conditions, product would easily have life more than a year.

This Techknowlogy is well appreciated and acknowledged on various fronts such as:


1. Certificate of Process Innovation in 2007 given jointly by IIT Bombay Alumni Association and The Indus Entrepreneur TiE, Pune Chapters.



2. Picture2Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2011 in Food & Beverage Sector for “Thought Leadership in Water Conservation“.



This process is most CLEAN TECHNOLOGY based unique Innovation which helps in Preserving all Perishables like Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Culinary Herbs etc. leading to save POST HARVEST losses, an Issue facing the Country.

Comments of Technologists and Scientific Experts



Dr. Caroline Fall, DM FRCP FRCPC,

Dr. Barrie Margetts, Public Health nutritionist

Dr. Nick Brown, Paediatrician, Epidemiologist

MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit, Southampton general Hospital SOUTHAMPTON SO16 6YD,Hampshire, UK

I have known Mr Lalit Meisheri for approximately 18 months.

Myself and other colleagues in the MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, UK are conducting a project in an undernourished slum community in central Mumbai with the aim of improving the nutritional status of mothers, improving fetal growth and reducing infant mortality. We are working in collaboration with two community-based organisations in Mumbai which have a long track-record of providing primary health care and food supplementation, and development work, in this community.

The project is important because maternal under nutrition is a major cause of low birthweight and high death rates in early childhood in this population. In addition to the scientific imperative to find evidence-based nutritional interventions for such populations, we believe it is essential to address issues of sustainability, and to ensure that opportunities for development of the community’s skill-base and income-generating capacity are incorporated into any intervention.

Mr Meisheri has been helpful to us and to the project in a number of ways. His new technique for drying natural foods at room temperature, with preservation of the full nutritional content, has made it possible to create a tailor-made nutritious food supplement on a large scale. His expertise in food technology has been an integral part of the design and provision of the supplement. By setting up a local production system, his technology will also give us an opportunity to involve the women of the community in the production of the supplement for themselves, and ultimately to develop a commercially viable and sustainable enterprise. In this respect, Mr Meisheri’ s business experience and contacts with farmers as the suppliers of the raw foods will also be extremely helpful.

There is no doubt that Mr. Meisheri’s food-drying technique is a major innovation in the, field of food technology. Preservation of the nutritional quality of food is of major importance when there is seasonal variation in food availability. More that this, however, I would like to emphasise Mr. Meisheri’s dedication and helpfulness towards the Mumbai project. In my experience it is unusual to find people engaged in business who also have a thirst for applying their innovations for the betterment of human health, and who are willing to put their time, energy and expertise at the disposal of community enterprises such as this.                                       – Dr Caroline Fall.


Dr. Shrinath S. Kalbag,

Eminent Food Technologist

Head of Pilot Plant section, Food Engineering; 1956-63, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore

Head of Engineering Science Division, Hindustan Lever Ltd. 1963-Dec 1982


“A drying trial was conducted in my presence. Karela was loaded into the trays and the drier started. The humidity dropped from ~60 to around 25 in a few minutes. The water was dripping from the outlet. When the load was put in, after some time ,(15-20 minutes, water was collecting in the receptacle. The water had a mild flavour”

“The claims of the supplier are substantially correct and the drier is a major invention and breakthrough. He is therefore justified in seeking a premium for his investment and invention”