What is a Serving Size in ‘Our Product list’?

Serving Size in list means that after reconstituting the dehydrated product in the packet, you will get ready to eat cooked product of that weight.

E.g. Chhole Packet has 250 Gms. Serving size means after reconstituting, 250 Gms. of Cooked Chhole will be ready to be served.

What basis is the serving size decided?

Based on our experience, we have decided that this serving size will suffice a single adult need for 1 time consumption.

What if I need different Serving size?

We can definitely re-pack the products according to your serving size, but that will cost you Rs.10/- extra/packet on the number of packets made for your serving size.

How do I order the Packets?

You can send us your requirements through website, email or Message. We will then revert back with the availability.

How do I make the payment of the order?

After confirming the availability of your required packets we will revert you with the total amount which you would have to transfer in the given bank account or cash against pick up from our office.

Please note couriering of the food will only be done after receipt of Full Payment.

Are the dehydrated packets home delivered?

We can courier the dehydrated packets anywhere in the world at actual courier cost, after receipt of Full payment. We do not do home delivery. Our liability ends once the Products are handed over to the courier. We will send you copy of the receipt/Tracking details.

What if some items I want from the menu is not available?

We keep updating our stock, so not to worry. In case a product is unavailable at the time of order, we will be able to delivery it in 7 Working days’ time (subject to minimum order of 10 packets of that product).

What if I would like to get an item not on the list?

You would have to give us time of 15 days, along with necessary advance with the order, and we will get it done for you. (Subject to minimum order of 10 packets of that product).

What if I like a specific Vegetarian dish from my favourite restaurant?

We can arrange any item from any restaurants/fast food Joints in Mumbai. All you have to do is specify the number of dishes you want, along with the necessary advance and we will courier it to you in 15 Working days. Restaurant rates and delivery charges to us at actuals. Dehydration charges as per rates in home cooked section. (Minimum 5 plates of each product).

What is the assurance of the quality?

Cooked food for dehydration is outsourced from an audited supplier which has excellent hygiene standards and all required food regulatory certifications.

What about the taste of the food?

Taste is a subjective factor. Our cooked food is prepared keeping in mind a general taste of Indian Vegetarian people of various age. If you are very particular about the taste, then we would advise you to order some trial packets well before finalising your order.