Lalit 2Mr. Lalit D. Meisheri an IITian from Bombay IIT 1972 (H-7) and also from a Jain Business Community, has to his  credit -an  Innovation in Dehydration (Drying) Process. (Certificate by IIT Bombay Alumani Association  & TiE – The indus Entrepreneurs- Pune Chapters )

This process is carried out under ambient conditions including temperature ranging from 27C – 34OC. It had taken almost a decade for him to take to a logical industrial application for Agriculture (Horticulture) produce. This has made tremendous savings of Global warming by reducing carbon foot prints and proved highly sustainable .(Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award 2011)

Main objective was to make Horticulture produce non-perishable, thereby helping farming community not to do DISTRESS SALE. This can give opportunity to them to get right remuneration of the produce. But behind main objective lies hidden health agenda for consumers. This drying leads to almost 100% retention of Phyto-Chemicals – a factor very important for health from any processed products. Even without any pre/post treatments, all Horticulture products are able to retain natural colours, flavours, taste and Micro-Nutrients. All major scientific evaluations have supported the claims. Few of them posted in the “certification”.

Mr. Meisheri has worked Grasim, WIPRO along with major perfumery chemical manufacturers. Being a Jain and IITian, he was trying a solution to overcome issues related to FOOD habits, when vegetarians in general and Jains in particular travel abroad for education, leisure, conferences, visiting exhibitions etc., They face tremendous pressure to find the right nutritious food for survival.

Himay KumthaHis Son Mr. Himay Meisheri, who has an IT background decided to try and evolve solution for home  cooked food after 2 years of experiments with various vegetarian/Jain  dishes applying his father’s Innovation. The results are before us. Media really welcomed it. (Find few newspaper articles posted in the ‘Media’ section)

Today a host of Veg and Jain varieties on our  Menu of Ready Products  with almost 50000 students who are studying or finished their studies, appreciate having eaten home cooked food processed by us.

We are glad that one such student Pankti Chheda ,Vile Parle even got motivated by us to get  into similar field (Of course not with our innovative technology) in the name of ‘Heat to Eat’.