1. How long does it take to dehydrate our food?

It takes minimum 3 – 4 Working days to dehydrate and pack to the need your home cooked food.

2. When do I get my food for dehydration?

You would have to take an appointment to get your cooked food for dehydration.

3. When do I Take an Appointment?

This is an issue which cannot have definite plans. During peak time of students flying abroad to US in July/Aug & Europe in Aug/Sept one needs to almost plan at least a month in advance. Same in the case of Inward travel for vacations Dec/Jan and summer outward travel from March to May. Other than that, two weeks’ notice would get you the desired dates.

4. How can I get an appointment?

You can give us a call with the information on travel date and approximate quantity of food you would like to dehydrate. We will then give you an appointed date and time to get your cooked food.

5. When should I Call for Appointments?

Our phone lines are open from Monday to Saturday Between 11 am – 6 pm for Customers.

6. What are the work Timings?

We work round the clock. But personal customer interaction timings are specifically limited from 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm from Monday to Saturday (Except Bank Holidays).


1. When to prepare the food?

As far as possible see that food is freshly prepared on the day / date you are planning to get at our place.

2. What Precautions should be taken while preparation of food?

  • Vegetables should be cut in the size of around 6-8 mm, it really helps in removal of moisture at faster rate and equally helps in getting faster rehydration.
  • Products like Chhole, Peas – where cylindrical product has no opening to loose Water as well as gain Water– it takes very long time to dehydrate as well as Rehydrate. It would be preferred that these products are either overcooked OR partially meshed to have easier access of water removal / rehydration.
  • Paneer –A favourite dish for all needs attention.- It has tendency to shrink and does not get rehydrated well so as to give feel of Leathery product. At the best IT SHOULD BE AVOIDED. If need be any veg preparations should have in thin Shredded form –a form closer to Paneer Bhurji. It will take slightly more time to rehydrate but taste of INDIAN PANEER can be made available.

3.Can we outsource the food from a preferred joint?

Yes, but if you are outsourcing the food, please ensure that it is freshly prepared and not given left over of the earlier day. Also It is advisable to meet the conditions of point no. 2. We sincerely advise to avoid the Hotel Plastic containers used for parcel, as they might contaminate the food.

4. In what condition should we get the food to you?

  • Temperature of the food should around room temperature at the time of receiving
  • If the food was frozen earlier, it should be properly thawed to room condition.
  • Please ensure that the food that reaches to us is safe and without any deterioration.

5. Do I need to come personally to give and collect the food?

We advise the customer / consumer to accompany the food for the first time to have better understanding of the services. Alternatively any person can get the food who is carrying proper written instructions as required. Also any person can take the delivery against the receipt given by us.

6. What Precautions should be taken while getting the food?

  • Cooked food needs to be carried in Stainless Steel containers to avoid undesired flavours / notes getting into the food.
  • Please ensure while handing over / sending across, all containers are labelled with the Customer’s name, contact numbers, Name of the product, and Serving size or number of portions of the product. These instruction are must on every container if the food is being send by a person who is unaware of the information. Your food will not be accepted without the written instructions.
  • Incase if you are unsure of the serving size, we can help you to weigh the serving portion. But you would have to visit personally for the same.

7. What is a Serving Size?

Serving Size in our terms means how much grams of cooked food the user is going to consume at a time. This aspect changes from person to person, so you being the best judge, will decide for the same before sending the food.


1. When can I collect my food back?

While giving you an appointment we give you a specific date for returning your food after processing. We guarantee to deliver on the date promised. So no need for reconfirmation of the same by calling or emailing. You can be rest assured to collect the food between 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm on the given date.

2. Do you deliver the processed food?

No, we do not deliver the food, but if the processing charges and courier charges are paid in advance we can courier the food anywhere in Mumbai, India or the world, But you would have to provide for the lead time required by the courier. Please note we are not the courier but just facilitator on your behalf. Our liability ceases once the package is handed over to the courier.


How do I rehydrate/reconstitute/use the food?

Every pack based on serving size desired is labelled with complete guidelines for rehydrating the food.

For Example

    • Product Name: PAV BHAJI (ONLY BHAJI
    • You have decided on Serving Size of 250 gms
    • After drying it is likely to be about 62 Gms. So we will pack dehydrated Bhaji of Pav Bhaji of 62 Gms in each pack
    • It will be mentioned on pack that ADD 190 ml OF WATER
    • The Water to be added back has to be Accurate so we advise you to take an measuring cylinder from us
    • Follow other Guidelines for rehydration of the Product. It will almost be back to 250 gms